Hi I am Kirk Benjamin and I am running for Congress.

You would have thought that a guy that who spent so many years programming could have like instantly put up a great website. But no utter fear and laziness set in. So while I am clearly the best candidate in terms of getting poop done. I did not get this poop done.

My approach is to state the problem clearly and look for the best answers out there. Seems simple what else would one do? State a murky idea and look for a mediocre solution. Well that kind of what is done. Because we don’t have faith that people really care about solutions so we are just trying to get their vote and entertain. Well I hope I get your vote, entertain, and solve problems.

Here is my toad, the most attractive toad in the 10th district. He has some good ideas to help the environment. He is smart, very close to the earth but just a toad after all.

We were out walking thinking about being carbon neutral as usual. Were not experts but we realize we need to get control of CO2 pronto. So then we were thinking, hey Y not convert gas cars to electric so we could clean up old cars. And that would be cool to have an old pickup with an electric engine. But then I thought, hmm, lot of work. Y not just change the carburetor and use hydrogen? Well toad thought great idea but where do we get the hydrogen. Make it with wind power and solar power. Great but how do we get here from say Texas. Well could we just use the existing gas pipe lines and put some hydrogen in there and then pull it out. Would that be efficient? Well some version of that is being thought of as a way to heat houses. So the idea is to generate energy greenly and to store and transport as gas instead of say batteries. These kinds of solutions could help with storage and use existing systems such as cars. appliances that exist or with conversion.

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